1st Annual Symposium Retrospective

The 1st SCMB Annual Symposium ran on January 28th and 29th, 2019 on the Georgia Tech campus. With the goal of creating a forum for the exchange of ideas between the broader mathematical and biosystems communities, the Symposium hosted plenary talks from mathematicians and biologists, organized in complementary pairs, as well as a public lecture by Lisa Fauci (Tulane). A poster session was hosted on the 17th in the atrium of the Marcus Nanotechnology Building, giving researchers from across the math-bio spectrum the opportunity to interact in an informal setting. Very regrettably, the second day of the event was canceled due to unforeseen inclement weather. The day 2 speakers were invited to return for the 2nd annual event in February of 2020. The annual Symposium is a central pillar of SCMB's effort to not only explore the challenges and opportunities at the math-bio interface, but to create a vibrant community around the advancement of the mathematics of complex biosystems.


SCMB director Christine Heitsch welcomes attendees at the start of the innaugural event. 

Laura Landweber (Columbia) gives plenary talk "RNE-mediated genome rearrangement in the ciliate Oxytricha".

Attendees gather in the atrium of the Marcus Nanotechnology Building to view posters.



The Symposium's plenary speakers.

A NSF-Simons MathBioSys Research Center