SCMB Modeling Accelerator

The innaugural SCMB Modeling Accelerator was a six-week program for early undergraduates that ran from June 14th to July 30th, 2021. The program had small teams of undergraduates working across disciplines to develop mathematical models for complex bio-systems. Each representing their home institutions, the teams learned math-bio modeling principals, worked closely with a GT Modeling Mentor, and saw weekly presentations from invited speakers who demonstrated the power of mathematics for answering important bio-systems questions.



See here the playlist of the teams' final presentations. Scroll below to read comments from the participants about their experience. If you are a faculty member interested in sponsoring a team at your institution for the Summer 2022 modeling accelerator, please reach out to us at




"Coming from a biology background, I learned to understand biological concepts and problems from a modeling perspective and how to frame biological systems in a man-made computer model. I also learned to collaborate with students from different academic backgrounds to create one holistic product!"

“I liked interactive and interesting sessions, especially with lots of visuals. Michael explained certain mathematical topics in modeling that we could easily institute into our models. (...) I learned how to simplify complex biological phenomena into general quantitative rules for the code. “

"This program went above and beyond my expectations. I can't believe I learned all of this in 6 weeks."

“This was an amazing experience! I would highly recommend this program to any STEM students interested in mathematical & biological research.”

A NSF-Simons MathBioSys Research Center