SCMB Brings Math-bio Workshop to First Generation College Student Institute

On June 25, 2022, SCMB ran a math-bio workshop for CEISMC's First Generation College Student Institute (FGCI). Designed to give would-be GT students a taste of the culture of scientific inquiry on campus, the Institute invited SCMB Assistant Director for Communication, Education, and Outreach Michael Lavigne to lead the students in answering a few key questions. What is a mathematician? How does a mathematician think about a biological problem? How can we use mathematics to uncover the "why" to a puzzling biological observation? Using dice as probabilistic analogues for biological agents, the participants made predictions, developed models, and validated their models with aggregated experimental results. SCMB and CEISMC plan to continue their collaboration to bring more engaging STEAM Workshops to campus this Fall. 

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