NSF Awards Fellowships to 60 Georgia Tech Graduate Students

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded 61 Georgia Tech students with Graduate Research Fellowships (GRF). The fellowships, valued at $159,000 each, include funding for three years of graduate study and tuition.

This year’s winners represent areas of study ranging from aerospace engineering to ocean sciences. The purpose of the GRF initiative, the oldest of NSF’s programs, is to develop experts who will contribute significantly to research, teaching, and innovations in science and engineering. Their awards total more than $9.5 million in funding, the most Georgia Tech has ever had in the program.

This year’s recipients are: 

  • Mihir Natansh Bafna  

  • Rebecca Kate Banner 

  • Bareesh Bhaduri 

  • Jessica A. Bonsu 

  • Noah S.S. Campbell 

  • Adrian Alfonso Candocia  

  • Cailey M Carpenter  

  • Katherine Elizabeth Cauffiel  

  • Michael John Cho  

  • Claudia Chu 

  • Eric Anthony Comstock 

  • Sarah Deiters 

  • Adit Desai 

  • Ramy Ghanim 

  • Hannah E. Gilbonio 

  • Callie L. Goins  

  • Ashley Alexus Goodnight 

  • Margaret Gordon 

  • Jared Nathaniel Grinberg  

  • Sean Healy 

  • Alec F. Helbling 

  • Geoffrey M. Hopping 

  • Madeline Hoyle 

  • Joy Michelle Jackson 

  • Maeve Alexandra Janecka  

  • Aulden Jones 

  • Donguk Daniel Kim 

  • Tara Hashemian Kimiavi 

  • Michael Klamkin 

  • Velin H. Kojouharov 

  • Luke Allen Kurfman 

  • Aidan S. Labrozzi 

  • Hee Jun Lee 

  • Zikang Leng 

  • Huston Locht 

  • Emma J. Menardi 

  • Yash V. Mhaskar 

  • Madeline Rose Morrell 

  • Siddharth R. Nathella 

  • Jennifer Nolan 

  • Sydney A. Oliver 

  • Isabelle A. Osuna 

  • Jorja Y. Overbey 

  • Robert Patrick Pesch 

  • Michelle T. Seeler 

  • Riya Sen 

  • Matthew So

  • Theodore St. Francis

  • Jorik Stoop 

  • Maggie Emma Straight  

  • Amanda L. Tang 

  • Albert Ting 

  • Darin Tsui 

  • Julia E. Vallier 

  • Jacqueline F. van Zyl 

  • Angel E. Vasquez 

  • Abhijeet Krishnan Venkataraman 

  • Alix Wagner 

  • Matthew Y. Wang 

  • Samuel E. Wilcox 

  • Elias G. Winterscheidt 


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