Atlanta-area high schoolers re-discover exponential growth at SCMB STEAM Workshop

SCMB ran a hands-on inquiry-based workshop in collaboration with CEISMC.

In April 2022, SCMB developed and administered a "STEAM Workshop" in collaboration with the Center for Education Integrating Science, Math, and Computing (CEISMC). This three hour session had Atlanta-area high school students engaged in inquiry-based learning tasks that uncovered the laws of exponential growth and decay through probability experiments and data collection. Using dice as probabilistic analogues for biological agents, the participants made predictions, developed models, and validated their models with aggregated experimental results. The session was met with enthusiasm by the nine student participants, who ranged in mathematical exposure from Pre-algebra to AP Calculus. CIESMC has invited SCMB to reproduce the workshop in June 2022 for its First-Generation College Institute, a statewide initiative to identify and engage would-be first generation students with high quality academic enrichment experiences to prepare them for success in post-secondary STEM education.

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